Children’s Operating Rooms Design

Environmental and interior design for Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona Hospital new Operating Rooms


Client:  Hospital Sant joan de Déu

Location: Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona

Year:  2019

Graphic Design: Arauna Studio

Project team: Aihnoa Mur, Berta Comellas, Dani Rubio, Mireia Sandoval, Pol Pintó, Raimond Pinto, Álex Galiano

Architecture firm: Pinearq

Photography: Pol Viladoms


The Operating Rooms Wing project for Sant Joan de Déu Children Hospital is a continuation of the project “Animals Playing Hide and Seek” that we developed in 2012 and has been implemented in the areas of the Hospital.

This project presented a series of challenges due the high hygienic requirements and because it is the space of the Hospital where children are most apprehensive. In this type of space patients are usually driven around by stretcher and looking at the ceiling, and it is for this reason that we have chosen the bird sub-topic.

At the entrance of the Operation Rooms, a custom-designed latticework separates a waiting room that has a collection of playful poufs with shapes that fit into holes in the wall, such a sorter cube toys. A set of colorful birds are scattered on the ceiling and if you follow them, they take you into the sterile area through each one of the 8 surgical rooms.

In the other spaces, such as the lock and the recovery area, you can continue to see birds on the ceiling and also some infographics that tell you information about some species of birds, such as: what they eat, how they fly or where they migrate.