Vela Lasagabaster Dental Clinic

Identity and interior design


Client: Clínica dental Vela Lasagabaster

Location: Vitoria-Gasteiz

Year: 2015

Graphic design: Arauna Studio and 131gd

Project team: Dani Rubio, Esteve Padilla, Mireia Sandoval, Raimond Pinto

Architecture firm: Itau Arquitectos

Photography: Adrià Goula


Dental clinic specializing in invisible orthodontics for both children and adults. To make their complex name easy to remind, we designed a symbol that synthesizes and represents it, by using the initials VL with the principle of invisibility: showing the invisible figure through its shadow. The geometry of the logo serves as a structure for a flexible visual system, which is capable of adapting to stationery, communication, space graphics, audiovisual products, and so on.

The visual language is of paramount importance on the building’s façade, where a reciprocal game of lights is generated between the city and the clinic, thanks to methacrylate panels that absorb natural daylight and artificial lighting at night. The project was thought from a global perspective, linking both graphics and space through the same design concept.