Sant Joan de Déu Terres de Lleida Hospital

Mental health center


Client: Sant Joan de Déu Terres de Lleida Hospital

Location: Lleida

Year: 2017

Graphic Design: Arauna Studio

Project team: Dani Rubio, Marta Angrill, Pol Pintó, Raimond Pinto

Architecture firm: Carles Sàez Llorca, Carme Casals Serrano, Pere Robert Sampietro and Josep Maria Mezquida Casasses

Photography: Borja Ballbé

Environmental Graphics for a psychiatric hospital in Lleida, Spain. The graphic language consists of basic shapes based on the characteristic elements of the surrounding landscape: pear-trees, wheat fields, rivers, fog, snow and so on. This language adopt different materialisations to solve the diversity of space needs: window signage, storytelling, functional wayfinding… In the courtyard we designed a flexible volumetric installation using the same language that allows multiple dispositions, in order to generate different uses of the space.