Dayton Children’s Hospital

Environmental design project


Client:  Dayton Children’s Hospital

Location: Dayton, Ohio

Year: 2017

Graphic Design: Arauna Studio

Project team: Berta Comellas, Dani Rubio, Marta Angrill, Mireia Sandoval, Pablo Estarriaga, Pol Pintó, Raimond Pinto

Curator: Disctintive Art Source

Architecture firm: Champlin Architecture

Photography: Rob Turner


This children’s hospital is located in two buildings in Dayton, Ohio. A Midwest city in the United States, Dayton is renowned for being the birthplace of the Wright brothers. Here the first flight tests ever were carried out and they set a start to aviation. The environmental graphics of the hospital spaces uses the very idea of flying as a story thread. The graphics take advantage of three-dimensional effects to generate several pieces that scatter around the hospital and play with the double interpretation produced by different distances of perception.