“Acompanya’m” Therapeutic Unit

Mental health and social inclusion children’s center


SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital






Arauna Studio

Project team:

Ainhoa Mur, Berta Comellas, Dani Rubio, Mireia Sandoval,  Pablo Estarriaga, Pol Pintó, Raimond Pinto

Architecture firm: 

Eskubi-Turró Arquitectes

STA Lluís Barreiro Arquitecte


Adrià Goul

The centre is home to children with mental health conditions and social integration difficulties. It is located in an annex building to the Valldonzella monastery, a historical neo-Gothic building in Barcelona. Each room is identified with one of the architectonic shapes of the building. Every three rooms share an apartment, to which a colour is assigned.

The identities of every room join together in public spaces, like the hallways, the classrooms or the playground. Thus, the space fosters a debate about what is individual and what is collective, and highlights the importance of sharing and living together.