“Acompanya’m” Therapeutic Unit

Mental health and social inclusion children’s center


SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital






Rubio Arauna

Project team:

Ainhoa Mur, Berta Comellas, Dani Rubio, Mireia Sandoval,  Pablo Estarriaga, Pol Pintó, Raimond Pinto

Architecture firm: 

Eskubi-Turró Arquitectes

STA Lluís Barreiro Arquitecte


Adrià Goul

This center called Acompanya’m which means “acompany me” hosts children with mental health problems and social integration and its located in an annex of the Valldonzella monastery, an historic building in Barcelona.

Each bedroom is identified with an architectural shape of the building. In this way each kid has a correspondent shape. The center distribution is based in apartaments units, each three bedroom shares an apartament with communal spaces such living room, dinning room, kitchen and bathroom.

The identities of each bedroom are displayed together in the apartments shared spaces and the totality of the identities are displayed in the public areas like the hallways, classroom and courtyard. In this way, the Center spaces promote a reflexion over that individual and that collective and the importance to share and live together. At the same time the Acompanya’m Center new spaces are linked through the shapes collection with the monastery architecture.